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Description: 5" hemostats with a curved tip. We use them to hold wire wrap wire in place when we're 'green wire' fixing a board. A must have for any PCB fixing project.

Read more about cutting traces and 'green wire' fixing in the SMD How To tutorial.

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  • Do these have serrated jaws or smooth? The pictures don'’t show the jaws well enough to tell.

  • I work on a lot of air wired boards (generic prototype boards with jumper wires from here to there) these are awesome IMHO… and my pair were stolen despite me laser engraving my initials on them… Guess someone else liked them too.

  • And let me tell you these are below-standard quality. I could not even imagine holding an smd with them. I bought three, none of them made it to my toolbox but to the trash instead.

    • Don’t forget that the goal of the hemostat is not to hold something. They are made to clamp and shut down blood stream (for example). If you want to hold a part…Indeed it is the worst thing you can get. If you want to snap something small and make sure nothing moves (wires and wire wrap) Then it is the perfect thing to get.

  • Hemostats or tweezers?<br />
    <br />
    I know you guys say that at SF, it’s a personal preference thing.<br />
    <br />
    But what would you recommend for someone looking to get into SMD soldering?

    • tweezers, without question.

      • you should carry cross locking tweezers, that’s really something. similar to these Some have an end that enables it to be locked in an wise or third hand setup.

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