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Description: Two pin, compact surface mount connector. We really like the solid locking feeling and high current rating on these small connectors.


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Customer Comments

  • As a warning: Pin 1 of this part in the EAGLE library goes to GROUND. Don’t get confused (as I did) by the fact there’s a plus sign next to it in the schematic.

  • Are the pictures switched between “vertical” and “right angle” connectors? It seems to me that the pictures shown on this page are “right angle” connectors.

    • This is the surface mount version, so the “gull wing” connectors are parallel to the board, not perpendicular to it.

  • Can’t find it in the Eagle Lib. Anyone else got the same problem?

  • Is there a through-hole version for people who do not feel comfortable with soldering surface mount connectors? How difficult is it to solder this connector, if I have never done any surface mount soldering?

    • This connector is actually pretty big. It will fit in a regular (.1") protoboard by bending the pins a little.

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