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Description: Simple RCA jack. Can be used on any project requiring RCA Audio, Video, or simple analog transmission.


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Customer Comments

  • SparkFun needs to carry this in red and white!

  • I’ll join my voice to those asking for the White and Red versions. Painting this one just looks FUGLY.

  • The schematic for this part in the July 27 Fritzing release shows the switching between the ground (pin 1) and pin 3, when the switch is between pins 3 and 2. And SF should also carry these in RED and WHITE, yellow is specifically for video in the AV universe.

  • Anyone have a part file for fritzing?

  • It is in the SFE Eagle library, but only the footprint. The footprint is called “RCA”. You need to make your own symbol and device.

  • Yeah, I couldn’t find it in there either. :(

  • Am I crazy or is this part not really in the SFE Eagle Library? Thanks for any info.

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