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Description: This is a black plastic bezel, custom made to mate with the silicon rubber pads. Black 1/8" ABS plastic. We use four 4/40-0.5" size screws matched with plastic standoffs to attach the 2x2 button pad and Simon project boards. Using two of these bezels with two of the bottom bezels will create a 4x4 bezel appropriate for the full button pad.


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Customer Comments

  • This item and the complementing COM-08747 do not come with screws. They are sold with the intent of joining together.

    Quality of the items is not up to the same standard the buttons themselves are.

  • I really hate to be such a pain, but… These things look awful. The surface finish is glossy, which could even be OK if it weren’t for all the scratches and mold marks, to say nothing of the very obvious shrinkage causing an uneven surface appearance between the buttons.

    I thought the purpose of these was to dress-up one’s project?

    Perhaps it does, but only for those accustomed to building their electronics projects with bits of scrap lumber, nails, hot-melt and duct tape.

  • What screw and nut should I use to connect this to the 2x2 pcb?

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