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Description: This is a very simple but extremely handy, 1" square, single sided perf board. Standard 0.1" spacing with a 4-40 (3mm) hole for mounting. Every three holes are connected with a 20mil trace.

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  • I don’t understand “Every three holes are connected with a 20mil trace”. from looking at the back of the board it looks every hole in a column is connected. can somebody explain that?

    • Same question ! ? up ;)

      • It’s every 3… and 2x2 and 1x4. The back of the board isn’t really a good indicator, as you’re just looking at the top traces through the board material, which blurs things out; though if you look closely, you can still tell that between every group of 3 rows, the apparent traces do appear slightly lighter.

        The top of the board is a better indicator, as the solder stop/mask around the pads shows a slight ‘bump’ where the traces are. From that, you can see that it does connect pads in groups of 3 - except around the mounting hole; at its sides it’s groups of 2, and right below it is 1 group of 4.

        Image for clarification:

  • I wish you guys would’ve made it just a little bigger (10x10) so I could fit a picaxe 20x on it. Still, I’m buying some of these

  • Little warning that the hole right below (‘below’ as in the 2nd picture) the mounting hole is connected to the three holes under it.

  • Okay, excuse my ignorance, but I could build circuits for this on my breadboard, and then (accounting for the rows of three) build them permanently on this when they’re working properly?

  • You should carry these same size but in SMD that I’d buy tons of!

  • I just ordered 13 of these boards. Any idea how thin is the board used in this?

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