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Description: Your project will probably need an on/off switch. If you plan to house the project in an enclosure, we found this great rocker switch to help you out. RoHS and UL approved.


  • Right angle solid through-hole mounting
  • Can also be snap-in panel mounted
  • Rated up to 15A @ 125V


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Customer Comments

  • With a bit of filing, this fits nicely in the area reserved for the ethernet port in the PRT-10088 Arduino Project Enclosure.

  • 125 V?? Don’t you ever think about all those poor engineers in Europe?

  • Nice switch, but REALLY hard to solder to.

  • The datasheet under the images for this product is for a different button. If you want to mount this vertically using the Sparkfun footprint, you end up having to cut off the right-angled posts and trim what’s left to make it thinner to fit in the holes. Either an updated datasheet or updated footprint would be greatly appreciated.

  • Where is this located in the library.

    • It’s a bit buried in eagle - and the footprint we created was for the KinetaMap, so it’s a vertical orientation (not pretty but it works):
      “SWITCH-SPST-2” is the name of the device. “SWITCH-SPST-VERTICAL” is the name of the package type.

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