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Description: Standard 22 AWG stranded red wire. Use this for soldering wire or any project in which you need flexible wire. Comes in small spools of 25'.

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  • Please include details for this and all of your wire. Details such as is the wire copper, aluminum, silver, silver coated copper. Solid or stranded and the number of strands. Details of insulation such as Teflon,Kynar, max voltage, temperature rating, insulation thickness. With this information we can select the correct wire for the application at hand. Thanks

    • Come on sparkfun, give us the wire’s datasheet. If one does not exist, make something up. I need to know what temp the insulation is going to burn up at! It would suck if upon soldering, the insulation burned of from the iron’s heat.

  • Someone posted the full-size product photo as the thumbnail?

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