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Description: Standard 22 AWG stranded black wire. Use this for soldering wire or any project in which you need flexible wire. Stranded wire is recommended for projects where the wire has a bend or stress point. Comes in small spools of 25'.

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Customer Comments

  • Details of the insulation would be helpful.

  • It would be nice to see a 30 AWG set as well; I’ve bought this pesky SMD component…

    • You may be able to use wire wrapping wire… It may be thin enough to work.

      • Another alternative is to dumpster dive for telco cross-connect wire. Telco techs toss that stuff by the mile. It’s 24AWG solid, but it solders well to all but the smallest or most tightly packed SMDs. I have hundreds of feet of the stuff. You can buy it for about $50 per thousand feet (for two conductors.)

  • How many amps can this wire carry?

    • Depend on how much heat or voltage drop you can tolerate: http://www.cirris.com/testing/resistance/wire.html

      • http://www.cirris.com/testing/resistance/wire.html

        That’s for copper; this wire seems to be aluminium.

        Edit: It’s actually tinned copper. I didn’t see any copper when cutting it, but leaving some flux on it for two weeks exposed a little bit of copper (and the flux turned green).

      • So this will give me resistance… am I missing something here? Watts rather by the way :)

  • What is the jacket thickness of this?

  • How Thick is the wire?

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