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Description: These 33mm (1.3") spring loaded pogo pins are great for programming and applications where you don’t always want headers soldered onto your boards. We use them for our programming jigs in production. The pins fit snugly into most standard perf board holes. Solder them just like you would normal wire.


  • Length: 1.3" (33mm)
  • Travel: ¼" (6.5mm)
  • Head size 0.06" (1.5mm)


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Customer Comments

  • Hi, I want to make a 2by3 pin ICSP programming header using 6 Pogo-pins. I’m thinking of using a pair of 1" square Proto-boards separated by standoffs. I’d solder the 6 Pogo-pins to the back Proto-board like this ::: Anyway… my first question is: will the pogo pins fit through the holes on the Proto-boards? …and which Pogo pin to get; round, pointed or chiseled?

  • How about adding a pogo eagle library with all of the pin types, clearance holes for the upper board, test pad that match the pins, both round and square, and anything else that would be useful when making a jig.

  • Hi, I am looking to establish a temp connection between my Arduino Uno and ADXL 335 accelerometer. Which Pogo pins should I go for ? the chiseled ones or the round tip ones ? Or will pogo pins even work ?

  • Wow… I’ve tried reading the desciption a few times, stared at the pictures for a while, but… what is this for exactly?
    Really don’t get it…

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