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Description: This is a handy AVR programming cable that incorporates both the 10-pin and 6-pin ISP programming interfaces.

Cable is about 12" long.

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  • I am at Starbucks and don’t have a multimeter with me. Which way does the 6-pin connector go on an UNO?

  • I wish I read blink4jona’s comment before buying as what I received is not what I expected. The cable can connect ISP 10-pin to 10-pin, 10-pin to 6-pin, but not 6-pin to 6-pin (there is only a single 6-pin connector).
    The description is misleading as it suggests both 10-pin and 6-pin ISP interfaces are supported. Also you can not tell from the picture that only a single 6-pin connector is included.
    Although it may be useful to some, we need a no fuzz 6-pin to 6-pin alternative.

    • for what it’s worth, I just bought some 2x3 female headers and the crimp pins you jam into them from digikey and made 6 pin, 2x3, female-female programing cable with my usual 22 gauge hookup cable.
      Still can’t figure out what everyone else with an AVR dragon is doing to program with the ISP.

      • okay, after trying to make my own cables I switched gears and bought some premade ones from the microcontrolershop. I use ann AVR dragon and they sell 6-pin 6-pin that work for all arduino and many avr dev boards.

  • One of these cables came with my AVR Pocket Programmer, but was defective. After a month of trying to figure out why I kept getting the “initialization failed, rc=-1” error, I jammed a few 2-row male headers into the cable and went to town with a continuity tester. Sure enough, the MOSI on the 6-pin plug was open. I stuck a few male-male jumpers between the 10-pin plug and my target AVR and bingo-presto, it worked perfectly.

    So, for anyone who gets the rc=-1 error, and has “Power” “D-” and “Stat1” lit up, try replacing the cable first! I hope this helps someone out there. Now I’m off to find some ribbon cable-making doohickeys…

  • This cable works well with the AVR Dragon and Olimex proto boards – it can do both JTAG and ISP mode.

  • Could we get the schematic for this cable posted?

  • is there a reason SF doesn’t sell a 6 pin to 6 pin cable? I want to connect an AVR dragon to various micros, all of which have the 2x3 header, and I can’t find a 6-6 pin cable. I am new to this so maybe I am missing something obvious. I know the JTAG connection requires 10 (2x5) pins, but most of 8 bit AVRs can’t be programmed by JTAG, right?
    Right now I am using this together with the AVR programming adaptor, just seems like kind of a kludge.

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