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Description: The QRE1113 is a small IR reflectance sensor. This sensor is often used in line following robots because, if it can sense if a surface is white or black.

There are four pins on the QRE1113 - two control the IR emitting LED while the other two are the collector and emitter of a phototransistor. The IR diode has a max forward current of 50mA and operates at 940nm.

Breakout boards with analog and digital outputs are also available.


  • Phototransistor output
  • No contact surface sensing
  • Miniature package
  • SMT gull wing leads


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Customer Comments

  • Hmm, I created a board to use some of these sensors for line sensor, but they can’t see the difference at 1cm from the floor. Has any thing that I can do to see the line at 1cm, or it is things of the sensor. And if has any sensor better for it.


  • Anyone have any idea on eye safety of this? I want to use it as a blink sensor, but I am not too keen on shining invisible light into my eye at a close range :-/

    • Well found some stuff on eye safety

      Unfortunately this item doesn’t give any emitted light power info

  • The product ID is wrong “QRE1113” is the ID for the THT part, but I got a bag with the SMD version from a german reseller. The right part description should be “QRE1113GR” with “GR” at the end. This is the SMD version. Please have a look at the datasheet!

    Is there also a THT version available from SparkFun?

  • Take a look at almost the same device (this is the 1113, that is the 1114), and it is through hole.

  • This + opamp = heartrate monitor!

  • 940 nm, just in case you don’t want to have to dig through the datasheet. Also, slightly longer wavelength than the IrDA standard of 850nm to 900nm.

  • Does anyone have an eagle library with this part?

  • Could this be used as a close range object sensor?

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