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Description: This is a 6-pin 1.5mm pitch connector which mates directly with the connector on the Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F optical dust sensor. This is a ZH series JST connector. Look for matching crimp pins soon.

We also carry a mating, PCB mounting, connector for this housing.


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Customer Comments

  • On ebay they sell a sensor with connector and cables as one. Wish I knew that before I ordered the sensor and spent the last hour trying to solder something the size of an ants toenail!

  • Was able to modify some Molex 0.1" with a rotary tool grinder. They are a bit fragile, but they fit and work well. Here is a link to the Molex datasheet, Datasheet\

    You have to cut off the last segment of the spring part. Still, Should have bought the crimp pins they sell here…

  • ebay has premade connector cables

  • There is a IDC style connector that I have found to be much easier to use and is compatible with the JST housing. Digikey part 455-2293-ND. Without the $800+ crimper you are forced to use place the wires one at a time with a flathead screwdriver but it is not too bad.

  • These are reasonable hard to crimp and make the cable yourself, I’d love to be able to buy a pre-made 6"-or-so cable!

    • I second that!
      I got the crimping tool and it does make life easier than crimping with needle nose pliers but it still takes about 10 to 20 (at least for me) crimping attempts until one can reliably make a cable without braking the wires inside … Now I’m almost getting 2 reliable connectors every minute :-)

  • The URL for the datasheet on this item has changed - it’s now at

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Worked well but such a pain

This and the pins worked well for connecting the dust sensor but made for a long day soldering little wires in little pins and pushing them in.