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Description: This is a 3-pin, through-hole PH series JST connector. The pins are spaced by 2mm.

We really like the solid locking feeling and high current rating on these small connectors. This connector mates with our 3-pin jumper wire, and may be useful for interfacing with the popular Sharp infrared proximity sensors or our serial LCDs.

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Customer Comments

  • Why not carry the normal (not right angle) of this connector?

  • Will this fit a servo connector?

  • Will this work with the LilyPad Protoboard (

    • No-and-yes. This is a 2mm pin spacing part, while the LilyPad Protoboard uses a 2.54mm (0.1") pad spacing. I think the leads are long enough to get away with a little bending of the pins, though.
      Even if you don’t manage to get the leads through the holes, you could bend the outer ones at right angles and merely solder them to the tops of the pads (less mechanical resilience being the trade-off.)

      • That is helpful, thanks!

        It sounds like it could work. I would actually just like to be able to disconnect two different pieces of fabric, and this jst connected seems like it is highly recommended. Do you have a suggestion of a better way to connect 3 wires to my lilypad project?

        Thanks again :)

  • I can’t find the Eagle library parts for the JST 3-pin connector or the 4-pin and 5-pin connectors (which come with the wire assembly) in the SparkFun Eagle library. Anyone have any suggestions for creating a PCB designed for these JST connectors?

    • The JST 3-pin, 4-pin and 5-pin connectors are part of SparkFun-Connectors.lbr in the devices “M03”, “M04” and “M05”. Both regular and right-angle PTH parts are included and a few select SMD ones.

  • This product needs more eagle…

  • any idea if and when you’ll carry vertical JST sockets?

  • Any idea if this is the size for a 2.4 ghz spektrum satellite receiver ??
    My calipers say the female side I want to connect is just over a half cm.

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