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LED - Super Bright White (25 pack)

We all know that you can never get too many LEDs. Don't worry, we've got you covered. This is a pack of 25 LEDs all conveniently packaged in a nice reusable ESD safe bag. Make that next project shine!

  • 25 bright white LEDs
  • 10,000mcd brightness
  • Standard size - T1 3/4 5mm
  • Forward Voltage:
    • Min: 3.2V
    • Max: 3.4V
  • Max current 20mA

LED - Super Bright White (25 pack) Product Help and Resources

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  • Heck yeah!

  • What is this, "Not to be handled by unauthorized personnel"? Where might one obtain the necessary authorization? Is there some Internet site where I can put in my credit card number and download a "legitimate" authorization certificate?

    • Yes. Look on the dark web for "legitimate authorization certificate." I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for, especially if you put your credit card number out there ;)

  • are these the same as the single bright white leds (sku: COM-00531)?

  • This is probably the best price I've found for white LEDs. Even surplus stores don't match this price! Well worth the purchase!

  • Hello there, just received a box of these but... they are not that bright at all. To my eyes they look less powerful than the normal red led I got in my arduino kit.
    Is there any other way to check instead of using the normal led sketch from arduino? Also, is there any encreasing the currante on arduino pins? Please let me know asap thanks a lot

    • An Arduino can only drive about 100 ma total, so if you are using more than 5 of these on one Arduino you might start having problems, unless you connect transistors to the outputs. Use google to search for transistor driving circuits for Arduino. Hope this helps.

      • True, but keep in mind that you don't need to be running these at 20mA each. You probably can't tell the difference between 20mA and 10mA, and even 5mA is plenty bright.

  • Im trying to make my own LED lamp for my desk and I was wondering if these LEDs would be bright enough to substitute my desk lamp? Would I have to use the 25 of them? Appreciate any suggestion. Thanks

  • Let your geek shine!

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Just what I needed!

Was looking to replace dim LEDs in my outdoor solar lights, and Mark Lindemer, a Sparkfun technician, walked me through the process of choosing the correct ones for my purpose. He was very helpful, and I couldn't be happier with the Super Bright White LEDs I received.