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RFID Reader - RedBee (125 kHz)

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this item, but check out the rest of our ID Sensors! This page is for reference only.

The RedBee RFID reader allows you to read EM41xx 125 kHz RFID tags. It has direct USB and wireless XBee serial interfaces (XBee not included). So you can connect to your computer via USB and start reading, or read across a network using an XBee.

The RedBee has a range of 4.5", but that can vary depending on various conditions. The RedBee can also store up to 48 individual tags, which can be saved or deleted via serial commands.

  • USB or XBee interface (XBee not included)
  • 4 configurable GPIO pins
  • Stores up to 48 individual tag IDs
  • 92 x 92 x 16.75 mm


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  • Good morning. Is this Reader compatible with Series 2 Xbee Modules?????

    • It should be. The pinout between Series 1 and 2 modules are the same. The only diff between Series 1 and 2 modules are who they talk to (ex. Series 1 only talks to Series 1, Series 2 talks to Series 2).

  • Anyone know if this reader can READ the encrypted HID cards. The system we have in place uses the 125 Khz HID cards and we would like to expand upond it.

    • 125kHz HID cards aren't encrypted. They are simply RFID devices that spit out a hard-coded 26, 35, 37, or however many bits in their particular format. If you have 125kHz HID cards, yes this ought to read them fine. This is a good overview of how the HID 125kHz stuff sends data:

      • Evidently HID cards operate on a different standard than EM41XX that this reader supports.

        It works fine with cards that Sparkfun and others sell fitting within that standard but will not work on my HID ProxCard II used at work (http://www.hidglobal.com/main/id-cards/hid-proximity/1326-proxcard-ii-clamshell-card.html?prod_id=24).

        Others appear to have the same issue: https://www.roboticsconnection.com/userForums/Topic2222-25-1.aspx

        Hopefully someone will produce a basic open reader that can handle HID cards!

  • Does this card reader have anti-collision support?

  • rtr --> Restore command: Call to restore the RFID Reader back to factory settings

    After this command, the auto pulse command (ap [pin:dir:duration]) doesn't work!! (it sends the Tag ID but the Blue led Doesn't Blink anymore)

    Anyone know What Could I do??

     I have Initiated auto‐pulse functionality directly with ap command but it still doesn't work! o.O'

  • Anyone have a comparison of this device vs an ID-20? Mainly looking for read range.
    This looks pretty slick as I could store valid tag id's and it could be a stand alone unit so to speak. I'd like to also transmit back to a central server when a tag is swiped. Either via Xbee or USB.
    Upon successful read, I need to light up an LED and also apply 5V on another out. Reading the User Guide, that seems doable.

  • I'd like to know if it's possible to read more than one ID/tag at once. In my project, I will have three/four IDs near the antena, but I don't know if it's a problem. Does someone already tested reading more than one ID near the antena. Is it work? Thanks.

  • Anyone know if it is possible to power the reader via the barrel and still transmit serial data via USB?

  • Recently i purchased this item along with the rfid starter kit to use them on my thesis project. The problem is that when i read the cards using the Windows Hyperterminal, it shows a diferent code using this item and the rfid starter kit, all of this with thbe same rfid tag. Does anyone know how to fix that? thanks

  • I have one of these that I got as a rewview sample directly from Trossen. Does anyone know if there's an Arduino library for this?

  • Has anyone tried one of these? I am looking for a way to track model trains (loco and cars) in an outdoor garden railroad. The vendor, roboticsconnection.com, has not posted in their support forum for 100 days.

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