Graphic OLED Display - 0.96" White

Replacement: None. We don't carry a replacement for this module. This page is for reference only.

If you need a small simple display, you might want to check out this OLED. Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays have fantastic contrast and require no backlight! This screen is 0.96" and has 128x64 pixels and a built in controller. Check the datasheet for full dimensions, this screen is tiny!

  • SSD1308 Driver
  • 128x64 Pixels
  • OLED can be seen in daylight without backlight


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  • has either this one or the blue one (I can't tell the color from her photos...too bright!) on a breakout board, AND they supply a 3.3v5v level converter chip with it ... all for $19.99. Match That!
    Oh and Arduino code to drive it is on her site too.

  • I am really sorry that sparkfun doesn't get this OLED in blue anymore... The are really bright and really fast to do interestings things... Like this one:

  • can you get one in red? it would be easier to read in the dark.

  • Do you have an Eagle lib for this part?

  • This display and driver is the same one used here: and does look very nice I think. There's some schematics and code on the page that could help anyone get started.

  • Is there an eagle footprint available for this?

  • Can this show shades of white, or just solid white pixels?

  • hi
    plz fast reply
    thank you
    what's the name of connector for this LCD?
    plz give me digikey code or any link for buy it.
    thank you

  • what is the prefered method for attaching this into an enclosure ?

  • Does anyone know where to get 0.6 Pitch ribbon connectors for this (e.g. DF21-30P-0.6SD should work) or even breakout board? Couldn't find nothing from Digi-Key either.

  • Keep in mind that this OLED does not have an integrated DC-DC converter. You would need 3.3V to power the logic, and 12V or so to power the LCD panel.

    • Hmm, that's disappointing. Other small OLEDs I've used (eg UG-2864AMBAG01 from Univision) have inbuilt switchmode controllers, so you just need to add an inductor, MOSFET and a couple of capacitors to generate the 12-13V the display needs.

  • Hi, I've a OLED breakout board for SH1101A OLED controller with code at

    • I've been soldering these at work. Cut up some 0.1" header pins, and put them in the holes you use to line up the connector to the pad. Soldering becomes much simpler when the work can't move. I had to grind the pins down a little though.

  • Might want to clarify the "...vibrant color..." part, since the display is not color.

  • The "datasheet" seems a bit light. Do you have the pinouts for the display?
    The flex cable seems to have a solder type end. Is that correct, or can you get connectors for that?

    • Sorry about that, wrong link. The cable does have a solder end to it. We're working on a way to connect it. But it seems like careful soldering would work.

      • See my breakout board and PIC code for 0.96" OLED at

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