USB miniB SMD Connector - Ding and Dent

Replacement:PRT-00587. We sold out of these. But we have the regular connectors still. This page is for reference only.

USB Type 'miniB' Female SMD connector. This is a 5-pin miniB surface mount connector commonly found in MP3 players, media/disk readers, USB hubs, pretty much anything small and USB.

Note: These have a different footprint than our standard USB miniB connectors. We couldn't use them in production because they're different, but you can still use them. They are priced low because we don't have any documentation on them. The two little 'nubs' that stabilize them are in a different place than the ones we use. In theory, you could cut/sand these off and use them with the same footprint at the others, but we can't guarantee it.


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  • I know you guys are here to make a buck but wouldn't it be better to limit these "Limited" items to a few so that everyone can at least get some.

  • Whoever bought 2000 of these before I ever saw them in stock probably knows this already, but just in case this is helpful:
    manufacturer: Hirose Connector
    part number: UX60-MB-5ST
    There is a footprint in the con-hirose.lbr Eagle library.

  • What is the status on these? is this the current quantity?

  • Is there a MFG part number, or a datasheet for these? That would certainly make it easier for us to make the correct footprint.

  • What's the packaging type on these if you order a bunch of them?

  • Hehe, we're waiting for the system to update the stock numbers. Trust me, there's stock :-)

  • Wow, those went fast...

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