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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

Creative Commons images are CC BY 2.0

Description: Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying these sockets. This page is for reference only.

These 5-pin sockets mate with our RFID reader modules listed below. To use them with the modules, you would need one 7-pin and one 5-pin socket. These can also be used for any application where you need a 2mm spaced socket.


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Customer Comments

  • I’m hoping to buy some of the RFID readers for a project, but would like to use the sockets rather than soldering straight to the breakout board. You still offer the 7-pin, but I’d rather get the 5-pin as well rather than breaking off pins. Any chance these will come back?

  • When using these standoffs, make sure that the part that fits its snugly. I smoked a couple of 35 dollar parts by not tinning (fattening) the pins to get a tight fit. As a result the part “bounced” and reseated itself incorrectly. Learn from my pain here.

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