Microphone - In2Rowing Surplus

Replacement: None. These were a limited time surplus item and we’re all out. This page is for reference only.

These weather-resistant microphone assemblies were originally intended for use with the, now discontinued, In2Rowing system. They consist of an electret microphone element encased in a rigid metal tube and capped with a plastic shield and open-cell foam. The cable for the microphone is 4 ft. long and terminated with a locking 2-pin connector. While we don’t carry the mating connector for this cable, they were manufactured by Conxall and can be purchased through Conxall distributors (Mini-Con-X Harsh Environment Connectors). Even if you aren’t interested in the ruggedized DIN connector, this is still a nice microphone assembly for your projects with ‘ears.’

Note: This is surplus stock and we do not have any datasheets or information beyond what is on this product page.

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