Halloween Lilypad Costume Class - October 15th, 2011

Got a sweet idea for an awesome Halloween costume? Wanna make it even better? Maybe you already bought a costume but it needs something to make it stand out? Bring your partially completed costume to SparkFun’s Halloween Lilypad Costume Class to learn how to add RGB and single color LEDs, light sensors, buttons, a temperature sensor and a buzzer.

Be prepared with a costume that uses one of the following concepts: Movement, light, sound or sensors. EL wire will not be covered. Class will start with a brief introduction to Arduino using our Lilypad Snap board to learn how to program your costume components. Those already familiar with Arduino can dive right in however, with support from instructors as needed. Please bring a partially completed costume or costume materials, do not expect to start with nothing and walk away with a completed costume. At least three hours of this class will be dedicated to costume creation with individual independent pursuit.

Materials Included in this class:

  • ProtoSnap Lilypad Dev board
  • Bobbin of Conductive Thread
  • LiPo Battery Charger
  • Lipo Battery
  • USB cable

Prerequisites: Some knowledge of sewing is recommended. Oh yeah, and creativity, definitely creativity.

What to bring: Yourself, costume materials (or a pre-fab costume you are adding electronics to), and maybe a bite to eat. Oh yeah, and your order number if you pre-order parts.

Date: Saturday, October 15th 2011

Time: 9AM to 5PM


**Instructors: **Dia, Mike, Jeff, Linz, Aimee



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  • jayjee / about 12 years ago / 2

    Wish i could come from Mn for this class. Total fun figuring out how to use each component on a costume.

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