LittleBits Box

Replacement: None. These were a limited time stash of leftover production items. This page is for reference only.

You might recognize these boxes as the nifty packaging for the littleBits Starter Kit. We like these boxes because they’re made of nice sturdy cardboard with embedded magnets in the lid so it can latch shut. There’s even a pulp-paper insert with dividers, originally designed for the individual “Bits” that make up the littleBits kit.

We happen to have a stash of these boxes left over from the original production run of littleBits and because we’re no longer manufacturing them, these boxes need a new home. Since they have dividers, they’re great for storing parts. They’re also sturdy enough to make an interesting project enclosure. Alternatively, if you’re a teacher or hackerspace and you have a bunch of littleBits kits, you may just want some fresh boxes on hand in case they start getting scribbled on or worn out.

Note: This is just an empty box (with divider insert) and does not include any littleBits parts.

  • 12 x 4 x 1.5"


Customer Comments

  • Wow…Retired! These are great little boxes. I am glad I picked up a few of them. You should consider making a SF box similar to this for all our little bits and pieces we buy.

  • Ummm.. what? Out of stock so soon? O_o

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