Power Cable - 7A IEC C13

The IEC C13 is a common AC power connection. You're likely to have one plugged into your computer, your guitar amp or your soldering iron. This power cable has a C13 connector on one side and a standard US 3-prong plug on the other. Rated for 7A at 120V.

Note: The connectors are rated at 15A, but the wire itself contains 22 AWG, which is good for 7A at 120VAC.

  • 3ft. long

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  • dainichi / about 12 years ago / 1

    Judging by the apparent size of the cable, that cord is NOT rated for 15A! That is probably a 7A cable, 10A at best. While the connectors at either end are rated for 15A the product should not be sold as a 15A cable. Please consider altering the title!

    • Member #326474 / about 11 years ago / 3

      You're judging by the apparent size of the cable?

      15A is really not that much. In a situation like this (borderline- I agree with you, it's not "ample" wire gauge), it's really the insulation quality that determines whether it can do 15A or not. It might get warm at 15A, but this can certainly do 15A.

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A very dangerous cable

The Line and Neutral connections are reversed on the one I got. At least the ground is in the right place...