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AVR In Circuit Emulator with USB Interface

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this product in our catalog. This page is for reference only.

AVR-USB-JTAG has all the power of the original AVR-JTAG plus the flexibility of a USB interface. This is a low-priced equivalent of the much more expensive JTAGICE, with a handy and safe optically isolated USB interface. Use it to debug and emulate many of the Atmel processors! This unit has a female USB 'B' connector on it which means you will need a USB A to B Male/Male cable to connect it to a computer.

Note: This is not an AT-JTAGICE-MK2. If you want to work with the newer devices or with debug wire this JTAG will not do the job.

  • Programs all AVR flash microcontrollers which support the ATJTAGICE interface
  • Complete drop-in replacement of AVR-JTAGICE (AVR Studio thinks it is the original JTAGICE)
  • Optoisolated interface allows safe debugging of high voltage or high power target boards
  • No need for external power supply - takes power from USB port
  • Works with low power targets: Vcc 3.0-5.0V
  • Uses Atmel's 2x5 pin JTAG connector layout - this is different from the ICSP connection. Please see layouts for more information.
  • Works with AVR Studio for programming, real time emulation, debugging, step by step program execution, breakpoints, memory dump, etc. Everything high priced emulators do and more!
  • Full emulation of all analog and digital functions - full JTAG programming support
  • Upgradable via AVR Studio
  • 50x40 mm (2x1.6") + 20 cm (8") cable


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  • This unit works well, just as good as the ATMEL JTAG unit but it is also isolated. We blew up two ATMEL JTAC-ICE units due to isolation problems. The only thing bad about this unit is the USB A connector so make sure to buy a cable too. I put a USB B connector in mine which was very easy also.

  • This does not (and probably never will) work with AVR Studio version 5, since that only supports JTAGICE mkII and later

  • First unit didnt work, sent back and get a replacement after nearly 2 weeks of delay and replacement unit still didnt work. Just save yourself the trouble and go to Olimex web site and buy it, it's only 20 bucks versus overpriced 60 bucks. Will never do business with these jokers again and I've been a customer for years and spent thousands....What a big disappointment.

  • Anyone using this on a beagle?

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