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Retired Product

This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

Creative Commons images are CC BY 2.0

Description: This is the Zombonitron 1600 MOSS Basic Kit, an incredibly fun kinematic robot construction system from Modular Robotics. The Zombonitron 1600 is to be assembled and allows data to be transfered via “magnetic construction” and small carbon steel spheres, meaning you will never need to worry about programming it or messy cables running everywhere, all you need to do is follow a simple simple assembly instructions (that are strikingly familiar to ones found in old Lego kits that we used to play with), flip a power switch and watch your creation come to life! Even if instructions aren’t your style there really is no end to the different kinds of creations your mind can come up with, so go crazy, let your imagination run wild, and build masterfully.

Inside this kit you will find everything you need to build 3 basic instruction led robots, everything you need to power said robot, and all the fixins to provide your robot with some rudimentary sensory abilities. MOSS is intended for ages 8 and up.

No coding. No wires. Just imagine, make, and play.

Note: This item may take longer to process due to battery installed in the equipment and therefore does not qualify for same-day shipping policy. Additionally, these batteries can not be shipped via Ground or Economy methods to Alaska or Hawaii. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Zombonitron 1600 Getting Started Booklet
  • 1x Micro-USB Cable
  • 1x Extended Battery Block
  • 1x Proximity Sensor Block
  • 1x Brightness Sensor Block
  • 1x Hub Block
  • 1x Long Flexy Block
  • 1x Short Brace
  • 2x Motor Block
  • 2x Corner Block
  • 2x Wheel
  • 4x Arch Brace
  • 56x Carbon Steel Sphere


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Customer Comments

  • at least one reason for this price-point is that MOSS builds these right in Colorado, not using slave-labor in some far-flung, toxic corner of the world.

    I’m seriously considering buying one of these, even though I too build things from chips, wires, solder.

  • I’m going to chime in late here; I build robots from the prototyping board and H-Bridge up but I still enjoy what I can throw together with a Mindstorms NXT or VEX. These are another step up but I agree that it’s not yet a way to build “practical” robots. What they are is a way to make those lines of code and pin assignments “real” - I can’t get a child or even most adults to really understand that a gate or an if statement is actually embodied in a microns-sized set of transistors and other etched components, but here is the actual logic or bus connection brought to life at a scale that I can show, perceive and touch. Yes the scale means that a program of typical complexity is impractical but these, LIttleBits and Cubelets are a great intro and they’re all starting to offer “gateway” modules: integrated Arduinish components.

  • I happen to like programming, and messy cables, and soldering; this (along with the cubelets) looks kinda boring and WAY to expensive.

    • And that is fine, no one is stopping you from doing it the other way. However don’t condemn a product because it doesn’t fit your needs. There are plenty of people who just want to play and experiment quickly without the messy cables, soldering, etc.

      Who knows, maybe using this product will inspire people to go deeper and learn to make robots the other way.

      • I’m all for people learning and getting into electronics through something like this, but why is Sparkfun selling it? If you’re browsing Sparkfun’s catalog, you’re probably already into all that. And then there’s the price, for the price of just one of these kits you could buy a lot of breadboard arduino stuff. That’s not messy. You can play with it for hours on a desk and learn more than you would with this. I suppose it has its place, I just don’t think this is it. Maybe I’m just being an idiot, I’m kinda tired.

    • Thanks for your opinion, you should probably not buy the product. As your comment implies, you are obviously not the target audience (although you react in a way as if you are or should be). This seems to be ideal with people or kids who want to get into electronics starting easy 101: in that case things should not be hacky, and therefore are usually fairly expensive. note that there is a lot in the kit there, $150 is not that bad, i expected double (it’s why i clicked on the product :-) ). Your second comment is why Sparkfun is selling it: it’s because Sparkfun is here to promote science and electronics, and what better way to lure people into it by setting the bar extremely low.

      • Okay, I suppose this could serve as a way in for people who are intimidated by the circuit boards and exposed wires and stuff. Alright my, opinion has successfully been changed. This product has its place.

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