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Raspberry Pi Enclosure - Black (RPi2, B+)

The Raspberry Pi is THE new favorite of development platforms, so the last thing that you’d want is for something bad to happen to it. Why not protect it with one of these snazzy black plastic enclosures? These cases protect the RPi2 and Model B+ from things like rogue wires that might short it out while still allowing full access to the board as well as proper airflow to keep your new toy cool! Simply snap the RPi into the bottom half of the enclosure, then snap the two sides together.

The enclosure provides slots to access the GPIO header, USB ports, Ethernet, microSD card, HMDI, 3.5mm jack, and CSI connectors as well as rubber feet and vents to ensure the board gets proper cooling and Pi Camera module mounting holes. All of the status LEDs on the Pi are visible through the case thanks to tunnel recesses embedded in the design and the two piece case can be taken apart without unplugging any cables. This is a really slick case and once you’ve gotten your hands on a Raspberry Pi, you’ll want to snag one of these to put it in!

Note: This case does NOT include a Raspberry Pi.

  • 93.4mm x 62.7mm x 31.1mm

Raspberry Pi Enclosure - Black (RPi2, B+) Product Help and Resources

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  • Does the Raspberry Pi 3 fit in this case?

  • Is there an ETA on restocking this product? As Jul 16, 2014 has come and gone :-)

  • The case can be nice, but the manufacturer doesn't QUITE have the fit-and-finish solid on these cases. Yes, they fit your Pi. They won't all stay shut. Be aware of that detail The review doesn't tell the whole story.

  • The case fits the Model B+ pretty poorly. Its thickness and the loose fit combine to make it very, very difficult to get USB devices to fully connect to their ports, it's quite difficult to reach the GPIOs, etc. I don't know who designed this or why they marketed it as a perfect fit as having both items here now, it's anything but.

  • Found the problem - they went out of stock before the photographer finished.

  • More pictures please. All sides of the enclosure would help. Also an example of how the camera board attaches to the case (internal?). And what the large slot in the top is supposed to be used for. The little ones seem to match up with the camera connectors.

  • Yeah, more pictures. There's no slot visible for the 40-pin header, nor is the mounting hole pattern apparent.

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very well made

the pi fit beautifully and is fully functional.