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Bluetooth USB Module

Replacement:WRL-09434. We will no longer supply this module. This page is for reference only.

Your standard USB dongle for Bluetooth® **v1.2 connectivity. This is fully compatible with our Bluetooth® **v2 devices. Comes with Dongle and drivers on CD. Includes drivers for Windows platforms, including Windows Vista.

New version comes with BlueSoleil software, check out the Bluetooth® Primer tutorial, which includes discussion of the BlueSoleil Windows software (pale blue installation CD).

Some older versions come with WIDCOMM Bluetooth**® **software (dark blue installation CD).


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  • Well if you are looking to buy this because it's cheap, be warned that unless they have updated the software that is included it's limited to 2meg of data. I was trying to use this with my phone(tethering)and it's limited to 2meg of data and then is shuts off the connection....i'm not a programing wiz, so i have to use what it comes with. Windows Vista doesn't recognized the dongle on it's own....heard similar stories with winxp and 7.
    Bluesoleil also want's to charge you for upgrading the software/drivers so that you can use it the way it should be to begin with.
    Bottom line, if you don't do your own programing then i would recommend finding a dongle that works directly with your OS, even if you need to pay a little more for it.

  • Hello, I was wondering if you ever solved this problem that you mentioned? I am trying to process the data from the USB module using C/C++ to and display real time data in Matlab. If you have made any progress in this area, your help would be appreciated.

  • I am on the way to answering my own request. I have found a 4-year-old API manual for the BlueSoleil firmware, and most of the pertinent parts of it are still correct. There are new, undocumented fields in the structures, and scattered other problems of similar weight, but there seem to have been no critical changes in the portion of the firmware that provides serial-port services.
    The facilities provided are far more comprehensive than the AT commands, but they are not nearly as handy. In particular, there's no way of talking to the firmware via HyperTerm or any similar featherweight client.
    I'll soon have a working wrapper of Delphi-6 code, in the form of a unit that can be used by other Delphi programs. I will share it if anyone is interested.

  • Is there a command interface for this device (like the AT set for modems, or like the similar Roving-Networks set that works with the BlueSmirf)? I want to control the dongle from my own software, instead of having to go through BlueSoleil.exe each time.
    As far as I can tell, the driver generates an array of virtual COM ports, but it does not assign itself to any of them, so I don't know how to get at it except through the facilities of BlueSoleil.exe.
    Any advice will be appreciated.

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