Capacitive Sunlight Readable LCD Board - 7.0in (HDMI)

Introducing Newhaven Display's 7.0" HDMI TFT module complete with a capacitive touch panel. This display is part of the new HDMI TFT Display line that supports any controller capable of HDMI output. These displays can easily be connected and communicated with using any standard HDMI cable. You'll also find an on-board DC power port, as well reliable Texas Instruments ICs. This module features a Newhaven Display 7.0" sunlight readable TFT with the highest brightness rating for visibility in direct sunlight environments.

This 7.0" HDMI TFT Module brings together HDMI compatibility with capacitive touch support. The NHD-7.0-HDMI-N-RSXN-CTU promises a high-quality image with enhanced brightness, touch and reliable performance.

  • Sunlight Readable TFT with capacitive touch panel
  • HDMI Interfacing
  • USB-HID touch panel driver support
  • Compatible with PC Windows/Linux
  • Compatible with SBCs such as RaspberryPi and BeagleBone
  • 800x480 pixel resolution
  • On-board Texas Instrument HDMI/DVI receiver
  • On-board Texas Instrument LED Driver with PWM
  • High Brightness white LED backlight (830 cd/m²)
  • Four 3.5mm standard mounting holes built-in
  • Open source hardware
  • Transmissive
  • Wide temperature range (-20°C – +70°C)
  • RoHS compliant


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