Iridium Certified Passive Antenna

This product has been replaced by the Iridium+GNSS M1600HCT-P-SMA antenna.

The M1621HCT-P-SMA is a high performance Iridium Certified passive antenna designed for wireless applications.

The antenna is built on proprietary Maxtena Helicore® technology. This technology provides exceptional pattern control, polarization purity and high efficiency in a very compact form factor. This antenna operates at 1621 MHz at 60% efficiency.The M1621HCT-P-SMA is a screw-on design, featuring an integrated SMA connector and is rated IP-67 when mounted for added protection.

This product is designed for applications requiring high quality reception of the Iridium network and is ideal when: the orientation of the unit containing the antenna is random, the unit is used in harsh environments, and/or the antenna is mounted externally and in close proximity to other antennas


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    As this is out of stock, do you have any alternative?

    Regards, David.

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