SLAMTEC Mapper Developer Kit - Laser Mapping Sensor (M1M1)

The SLAMTEC Mapper Developer Kit is a new type of laser sensor introduced by (you guessed it) SLAMTEC, which is different from the traditional LIDAR. It has built-in functions of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), and is suitable for many applications such as robot navigation and positioning, environmental mapping and hand-held measurement.

The Developer Kit uses SLAMTEC's unique SLAM optimization algorithm and high-performance LIDAR to fuse map data more than 10 times per second and construct up to 100,000 square meters of mapping area. The LIDAR carries out 7000 measurements per second, and the longest ranging distance can reach 20 meters. The built-in processing system can process data in real time and output high-precision map and pose.

The SLAMTEC Mapper uses SharpEdge™ fine mapping technology, which can actively detect and correct closed-loop, and achieve 100,000 square meters high-precision map and pose. The Mapper can work without additional sensors or data input. Because of the built-in 9-DOF inertial navigation system, the SLAMTEC Mapper in the hand-held mapping mode can work normally in fluctuating environment with inclination, to ensure the best map data quality.

Also provided is a complete SDK development kit that prodives mobile phone and PC-side evaluation tools to facilitate users to expand development and data acquisition. At the same time, combined with the supporting ROS driver, the generated map and pose data can be directly used in the ROS environment, which is fully compatible.

The SLAMTEC Mapper can be directly used as a LIDAR sensor in addition to its own mapping and positioning functions. Through SDK or ROS node, the LIDAR data can be quickly accessed to users'existing systems.

  • Distance Range: 20m measured at 92% reflectivity
  • Sample Rate: 7000Hz
  • Max Mapping Area: 300m x 300m
  • Resolution: 0.05m
  • Max Moving Speed: 1m/s
  • Re-localization Accuracy: <0.02m
  • Map Optimization Duration: About 1 hour
  • Slope Angle: ±3°
  • Data Refresh Rate 8Hz
  • Dimensions: 104mm x 60mm x 66mm

SLAMTEC Mapper Developer Kit - Laser Mapping Sensor (M1M1) Product Help and Resources

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  • Member #43503 / about 2 years ago / 1

    I bought this product but now it is useless, SLAMTEC never released the SDK for this device, they have one but it can only be compiled with gcc++4.8 which is not available in Ubuntu since 2018!!!!! Sparkfun should know about this before selling stuff that cannot be integrated to other applications. Yes, if you have the app or the windows program you can see the map, but it is useless if you cannot extract that information and use it e.g. on a robot running external software. This device is now obsolete.

  • Member #43503 / about 4 years ago * / 1

    The Android application works well but the SDK for Linux comes with pre compiled libraries for GCC 4.8. This is an issue that should be solved so the product can be integrated seamlessly to other applications.

    • santaimpersonator / about 4 years ago / 1

      Unfortunately, we don't do any software development on this product. However, the support email for the manufacturer is listed on the bottom of the SDK/Firmware webpage, if you would like to reach out to them about your concerns.

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