2.4" TFT LCD Display with Capacitive Touch

The 2.4" TFT LCD Display with Capacitive Touch is a colour active matrix LCD module incorporating amorphous silicon TFT (Thin Film Transistor). It is composed of a colour IPSTFT-LCD panel, driver IC, FPC and a back light unit. The module display area contains 240 x 320 pixels.

  • Viewing Direction: ALL
  • Gray Scale Inversion Direction: N/A
  • Active Area (W x H): 36.72 × 48.96 mm
  • Dot Pitch: (W x H) 0.153 × 0.153 mm
  • Driver IC: ILI9341V
  • Backlight Type: 4 LEDs
  • Display Resolution Pixels: 240 x 320
  • Interface Type: MCU-16bit/SPI
  • Surface Luminance: 200 cd/m2 (typical)
  • Color Depth: 262 K
  • Pixel Arrangement: RGB Vertical Stripe
  • Surface Treatment: AG
  • Input Voltage: 2.8 V (typical)
  • Module Size - W x H: 42.72 x 60.26
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20 C to + 70 C


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