MicroMod Big Display Carrier Board

They said it couldn't be done, and perhaps we shouldn't have, but we just couldn't resist...

The MicroMod Big Display enables the driving of HDMI signal pairs enabling microcontrollers to display graphics on a large DVI, HDMI monitor, or TV. To be clear there are very few microcontrollers capable of the complex and high speed waveforms needed to produce HDMI signals. Currently, the RP2040 is the only MicroMod Processor Board that is compatible. That said, hooking a dual core Cortex M0 to a 60" TV just makes us giggle.

The Big Display also has a SD socket wired to the SDIO bus on MicroMod. This is compatible with the RP2040 although only 1-bit read/write is currently supported.

Luke Wren has done a fabulous job writing up his DVI work with the RP2040. You can read all about it here with some additional example images here.

Of course, if you want real graphics from a microcontroller checkout James Bowman's Dazzler. It's an incredibly powerful, proper, HDMI shield for Arduino.

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    Could've been perfect if it had CEC, HPD and UTIL pins wired.

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