PoE to USB Power Supply

It can be difficult to get a wall-wart where you need it. The promise of PoE (power over ethernet) is great, but what if your device doesn't use ethernet? Perhaps you could mess with power injectors, but what if you've already got PoE available on your network? The PoE to USB Power Supply is like a USB wall wart for PoE. Get a PoE hub, run ethernet wherever you need it, plug the PoE to USB Power Supply in and you'll have 5V at 1A via a USB A connector.

The onboard PoE module supports 36V to 57V DC input and provides up to 1.8A (9W) output. While the module claims 1.8A, we've pushed it to 1.5A before the module hit 75C and the output began to sag below 4.5V. The PoE to USB Power Supply has 1.5KV isolation, thermal cut off, and short circuit protection. The PoE module requires a 100mA load at all times so the PoE Power Supply includes a 50 Ohm resistor to constantly load the module with 100mA. There's a cuttable jumper to remove this load if needed. At a 1A load we measured a low 20mVPP ripple at 200kHz.

Who doesn't need 3.3V as well? In addition to the 5V provided via USB we've added a 3.3V 600mA regulator as well that can be connected via PTH solder connections. This is handy for systems running directly at 3.3V.

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Seems to work great

I used these for behind-tablet installation into a recessed single-gang wall box. They were JUST small enough to be able to install it, but they are doing just fine. They are powering Amazon Fire HD 8 tablets and haven't seemed to have any issues thus far.

My only wish is that the USB wasn't soldered on, and that I could instead choose to have a 90 degree USB connector. That would have been absolutely wonderful, but this worked well enough without having to desolder the USB header.

I would definitely recommend and would buy more if I had a reason to do so.