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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

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Description: This is a small PCB that adapts the standard Microchip 6-Pin RJ11 connector to the Olimex 6-Pin .1" Molex Connector. It is used to connect the original Microchip ICD or ICD2 to a Olimex Development board or to a bread board. If you own an Olimex ICD or ICD2, you do not need this board.

Note: The ICD RJ11 cable reverses the programming signals. Please take a look at the PCB Layout image for a better understanding of the signal routing. This board will allow you direct access to the programming lines.

Dimensions: 0.65x1.0"


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Customer Comments

  • This is a very handy little adapter to connect from the ICD2/3 to your design or many off-the-shelf products using an Olimex-type 6-pin ICD cable. You’d be surprised how much real estate an RJ-11 takes up on a small board and a 6-pin male polarized connector for programming/debug is a convenient solution. Olimex had a version of this that was caused chaos because it was wired to use a “standard” modular cable, rather than the MicroChip cable, which reverses the Pin 1 position between the ICD2 and board RJ-11. The Sparkfun uses the same cable as MicroChip. There are also no additional bells and whistles such as sub-miniature jacks, etc.

  • Also, Note!!!
    I already have a Microchip ICD2. I got this part thinking it would hook up directly to an Olimex dev board. It won’t. As I should have known if I had read the description a bit more carefully.
    You will also need the cable to connect this breakout board to your Olimex dev board (Olimex In Circuit Serial Programming Cable DEV-00611). [sigh] Or you could just get the Olimex ICSP Breakout (DEV-08108), which includes the cables.
    How about making this with a board-to-board connector instead? So you wouldn’t need the cable?

  • The FAQ link seems to be broken. Perhaps this is the page that was intended?

  • Off the shelf, this adapter doesn’t readily connect on a breadboard, but it was very easy to replace the connector with a standard break away header. Otherwise, this is a very useful adapter.

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