MIKROE DC Motor 10 Click

DC Motor 10 Click is a brushed DC motor driver with the current limiting and current sensing. It is based on the TLE 6208-6 G, an Hex-Half-Bridge / Double Six-Driver IC, optimized for motor driving applications. It can be operated SPI communication interface, allowing to drive the connected motors in three different ways: it can be used as a free configurable as switch, half-bridge or H-bridge, offering an additional speed control and direction options. The TLE 6208-6 G also contains a set of protection features, offering a very high level of reliability. Besides driving capabilities, DC Motor 10 Click can also sense current consumption at its output.

DC Motor 10 Click is supported by a mikroSDK compliant library, which includes functions that simplify software development.

This Click board™ is optimized for driving brushed DC motors. it integrates an efficient H-Bridge with very low ON resistance of approximately 0.8Ω through each branch. Furthermore the build-in features like Over- and Undervoltage-Lockout, Over- Temperature-Protection and the very low quiescent current in stand-by mode opens a wide range of automotive- and industrial-applications. DC Motor 10 Click is perfectly suited for rapid development of various DC motor driving applications, including home appliances, printers, industrial equipment, mechatronic applications, etc.

DC Motor 10 Click is based on the TLE 6208-6 G, which is a fully protected Hex-Half-Bridge-Driver designed specifically for automotive and industrial motion control applications, from Infineon Technologies AG. The part is based on Infineons Smart Power Technology SPT® which allows bipolar and CMOS control circuitry in accordance with DMOS power devices existing on the same monolithic circuitry. The six low and high side drivers are freely configurable and can be controlled separately. Therefore all kind of loads can be combined. In motion control up to 5 actuators (DCMotors) can be connected to the 6 halfbridge-outputs (cascade configuration). Operation modes forward (cw), reverse (ccw), brake and high impedance are controlled from a standard SPI-Interface. The possibility to control the outputs via software from a central logic, allows limiting the power dissipation.

The internal logic of TLE 6208-6 G is supplied by the VCC voltage, typ. with 5 V. The VCC voltage uses an internally generated Power-On Reset (POR) to initialize the module at power-on. The advantage of this system is that information stored in the logic remains intact in the event of short term failures in the supply voltage VS. The system can therefore continue to operate following VS undervoltage, without having to be reprogrammed. The “undervoltage” information is stored, and can be read out via the interface.

The Click board™ can operate with 5V MCUs only, it is set to work over the I2C by default, and it is already equipped with the pull-up resistors. It is ready to be used as soon as it is inserted into a mikroBUS™ socket of the development system.

  • Interface: GPIO, SPI
  • Compatibility: mikroBUS™
  • Dimensions: 42.9 x 25.4mm
  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Current through the load (continuous): Min. 0A, Max. 0.6A
  • Input Voltage: Min. 7V, Typ. 12V, Max. 40V

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