UHF RFID Tags - Adhesive (5 Pack)

These paper-thin, adhesive EPCglobal Gen2 tags work with our Simultaneous RFID Reader and can be stuck to practically anything you can imagine. The tags can read and be written to --- and also have a kill feature. Each tag comes with a TID (Truly Unique ID) that can't be changed, but there's plenty of memory for you to write and read from.

Compatible with all of our RAIN UHF RFID Reader and Writers.

  • 30mm x 16mm
  • Works with our UHF RFID Readers and Writers
  • Adhesive backing

UHF RFID Tags - Adhesive (5 Pack) Product Help and Resources

Simultaneous RFID Tag Reader Hookup Guide

February 23, 2017

A basic guide to getting started with the RFID Tag Reader breakout and how to read and write multiple RFID tags over multiple feet!


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