40 Pin PIC Development Board with USB

Replacement: None. It’s time for this product to step aside and make room in the catalog for even more cool stuff. This page is for reference only.

40 Pin Development board with built-in USB connection. Power and serial communications are provided by the FTDI USB<->RS232 converter chip. You don’t have to do anything! Connect the USB cable from your computer to the board and a new serial com port will install under Windows. Also includes socket for I2C EEPROM - complete with pull-up resistors and connections to PIC pins. Perfect for basic debugging and serial data logging applications.

  • FR-4, 0.062" (1.5 mm), green solder mask, white silkscreen component print
  • Dimensions 3.9x3.15" (100x80 mm)
  • Four mounting holes
  • USB ‘B’ Type Connector
  • 5V (up to 500mA) provided through USB port
  • ICSP/ICD connector for programming with PIC Programmers and Debuggers (for PICs with ICD support)
  • RS232 communication provided through USB port via FTDI FT232M IC
  • LED to RA0 through jumper
  • Reset button/circuit
  • General purpose button
  • 20MHz quartz crystal oscillator with filtering capacitors
  • DIL40 microcontroller socket
  • DIL8 EEPROM socket with 2.2K pull-up on SDA
  • Extension slot on every uC pin
  • Gird 100 mils
  • GND bus
  • Vcc bus

Warning: Do not attach a dongle ICSP programmer while the board is attached to the USB port: the PG1 and PG2C programmers can cause the power supply circuit to over-heat.

Board does not come with PIC installed. Please see a list of related ICs below.

Customer Comments

  • I tried using MPLab too, and none of the programmers seems to be working with it. Help!

  • I’m trying to use Mikroelectronics to program a 16F877A with this, but Mikro doesn’t detect the USB connection. Anyone know how I can fix this?

  • Hi All,
    I have just received the board, but I am quite confused. Can anyone please tell me how this board works with PIC 16F887A. I hope I dont need an external eeprom??
    By sending data from TX pin of the PIC can I get the data on my PC using UART module of the PIC?
    Does the pin already connected to the appropriate pin of FTDI??
    Or what other think I would need to do??
    Thanks in advance.

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