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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

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Description: Microchip’s 18F2520 8-Bit Processor. 32K of program space and 25 I/O lines, 10 of which are 10bit Analog to Digital converter capable. Runs up to 40MHz in conjunction with the internal PLL and an external 10MHz crystal, or can also be run up to 20MHz with an external 20MHz external crystal. Internal 8MHz oscillator also available. Check datasheet for more information on oscillator settings. Package can be programmed in circuit.

Documents: 18F2520 Datasheet

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Customer Comments

  • I’m a long-time software engineer, looking to get into PICs (total PIC noob). What programmers sold on SparkFun will work with this PIC (18F2520)?
    Also, I’m assuming the development board DEV-00018 is just a test harness and not an actual programmer. Is this assumption correct?

    • Correct, the dev boards do not contain programmers, but most of them have an ICSP header which can be used to connect any of the PIC programmers with ICSP connectors (like PGM-00009, the $12 serial programmer). I haven’t tried it myself, but taking a quick peek at the schematic for DEV-00018 (I suspect they are all like this), it shows the ICSP connection for PGM at RB3, but the 18F2520 datasheet shows PGM at RB5, so you will likely need to jumper that or something, otherwise the pinouts look compatible to me.

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