Graphic LCD 128x64 CFAX w/ EL Backlight and Touchscreen

Replacement: None. We don’t carry a direct replacement for this LCD but there might be something else you can use in the LCD category. This page is for reference only.

Ready for graphics? This 128x64 graphic LCD is the latest high quality offering from Crystal Fontz. This production unit is much more than just a surplus LCD found on many electronics sites! This CFAX model comes with an EL backlight and a 4-wire analog touch screen! You can use it for anything! Checkout the example screen shots from Crystal Fontz.

Main tab mates with Digikey part # : OR687CT-ND
Touch screen tab mates with Digikey part # : WM5700CT-ND

  • Ultra thin and light TAB construction
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Built-in controller: Samsung KS0713 (data sheet 850K)
  • Great for hand held instruments, cell phones, PDAs, etc.
  • Ultra low power consumption* 56.0mm x 42.5mm Module Outline (less tab)
  • 52.0mm x 33.5mm Viewing Area
  • 47.76mm x 30.29mm Active Area
  • 0.35mm x 0.40mm Dot Pitch

Customer Comments

  • Your 2nd link to CrystalFontz says they no longer have this product number.
    And their website says they’re having troubles getting stock from China.

  • The zip file is bad, can’t open with winzip: Example AVR Code. Can we get an example we can use?

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