JTAG Programmer/Debugger for ARM processors

Replacement: None. We no longer carry this programmer but have a look at the rest of our programmers category. This page is for reference only.

JTAG Programmer and Debugger for LPC and ARM microcontrollers.

  • Program LPC21xx, Atmel AT91, STMicroelectronics STR7 Parts, and other (not tested) ARM flash microcontrollers
  • Uses ARM’s standard 2x10 pin JTAG connector
  • No external power supply required - all power is taken from the target board
  • Compatible with Rowley’s CrossConnect, IAR EWARM and GCC (OCD) software for programming, real time emulation, debugging, step by step program execution, breakpoints, memory dump etc. Everything a high priced emulator can do and more!
  • IAR EWARM - unlimited assembler code size or in C with 16K limit for all LPC21xx ARM microcontrollers
  • Works with free GCC C compiler and Insight tool chain and debugger.
  • 2x1.6" (50x40 mm) + 8" (20 cm) cable

In general, LPC21xx are very new parts. And for some unknown reason, Philips doesn’t disclose how to program LPC21xx Flash via JTAG. This has delayed the development of third party IDEs. Perhaps Philips is having problems with the Flash programming and is going to change the protocol in future. This is currently why they force end users to use their bootloader IAP protocol. The only vendor so far to work around this is Rowley. They first load in RAM small own bootloader which then receives data from the JTAG interface and feeds the packets into IAP to write to Flash segments. This is current the easiest to use product for the LPC21xx parts.

  • Jim Lynch’s tutorial for setting up the free GCC/GNU tool chain. The example software is available here.
  • GCC C compiler from Macraigor Systems. Works smoothly with ARM-JTAG but can’t program Flash and user can compile debug programs in RAM then re-build for Flash and use Philips' RS232 bootloader.
  • GNUARM another GCC toolchain from Arius.
  • CrossWork for ARM (so far most recommended by us) C compiler and debuger from Rowley Associates, this is the easiest to use package we have tested, works smoothly with ARM-JTAG and programs both Flash and RAM on LPC21xx
  • EWARM C compiler and debugger (free for assembly language, 16K limit for C) from IAR Systems. Can’t program LPC21xx Flash, user can debug and program only in RAM, then re-build project and use Philips' ISP utility to load the program through RS232 bootloader. C-SPY driver for ARM-JTAG have some glitches on newer and faster computers and does several crashes before connect to target. It works fine on older and slower computers though. According to IAR, they are going to fix this to the end of February 2004.
  • SwiftX software development system for the ARM family works with the ARM-JTAG for live interactive debugging of the Atmel AT91 ARM core family (using Atmel’s EB40, EB40A, etc. development boards). Port for the ST ARM parts coming soon.

Customer Comments

  • typo:
    Compatible with Rowley’s CrossConnect,
    should be
    Compatible with Rowley’s CrossWorks For ARM,

  • “Program LPC21xx, Atmel AT91, STMicroelectronics STR7 Parts, and other (not tested) ARM flash microcontrollers"
    Does anyone know if this programmer will work with a LPC1768 series processor?

  • I’m wondering if a USB to parallel adapter would work with this. If it worked, it would seem to be the cheapest solution for loading/debugging an ARM based board for those of us with only USB ports on our PCs.
    The one problem I see is that these adapters seem to be made mostly for connecting printers, so they might not be completely equivalent to a parallel port.

    • It will not work. The lpt to usb adapters are basically a emulated version of the standard lpt. It will not do anything other than print.

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