Soldering Tip - Aoyue - 0.2mm Tip Radius

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying tips for the Aoyue soldering stations. This page is for reference only.

Shiny new tips for all your lead-free soldering needs. Each tip comes with a built-in ceramic heater element. This is the LF-LB model shown on the right.

These are the quick change type compatible with Aoyue stations 2900/2901 and the HR2738 only.

Customer Comments

  • Kind of sad to buy a soldering station, then have the vendor stop supporting it… looks like I will need to start looking for another $80 soldering station..

    Anyone know a good source for these solder tips?

  • Bought the Aoyue 2901 soldering station because it was the one recommended my SparkFun and now I can’t find tips for it. Thanks!

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