Luxeon V LED - Green 5 Watt

Replacement: COM-09636. We are discontinuing this line of Luxeon LEDs. We will no longer carry them. We will no longer stock it. This page is for reference only.

The field proven technology of Luxeon LEDs comes to the SFE masses! This**5Watt LED (yes, 1A peak, 6.8V forward voltage) is bright. So bright, we’re afraid to hook one up. 4 times the lumen output of the standard 1Watt Luxeons.

Note: Philips has removed the datasheet for this, so unfortunately we don’t have one to offer.

Customer Comments

  • WOW Bright! After working with it for 10 minutes I was seeing spots for the next hour. Does require at least 5.5V to fire and intensity reduces if you pulse on for .0008 s or less (just a good safety measure).

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