32 Channel San Jose Navigation GPS 5Hz Receiver with Antenna

Replacement: None. We don't carry a direct replacement for this module but check out the rest of our GPS category! This page is for reference only.

The FV-M8 (formerly the EB-85A) is a ridiculously powerful new GPS receiver from San Jose Navigation. This receiver is the first receiver we've seen with a 5Hz update rate, and has an amazing set of features and specs!

Please note at 5Hz the serial stream is large enough the default baud rate is 38400bps - but the unit is completely configurable! The unit configuration is stored in volatile memory and is reset when power cycled. Use a battery backup to maintain user settings.

We are also throughly impressed with the MiniGPS software that was provided by San Jose Navigation. This free software allows for an easy to use GUI to reconfigure the FV-M8 as well as datalog incoming NMEA sentences! Checkout the screen shot - we were able to track over 9 satellites indoors.

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  • 30x30x8.5mm (1.2x1.2x0.3")
  • 15grams
  • 100mm cable included

    8-pin SMD connector and evaluation board available below.


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  • Member #292280 / about 12 years ago / 2

    Just an FYI: the Mega Pro Mini 8" cable fits this GPS module.

  • ElGus / about 14 years ago / 1

    I have the KinetaMap and I'm very happy with it but I wonder if this GPS could be used instead of the one in the KinetaMap ... wither out of the box r with some tweaking.
    Any experiences?

    • Member #94781 / about 12 years ago / 0

      can any one tell me if this gps supports software flow control?

  • KairaMonni / about 14 years ago / 1

    I have had this gps hooked up to my car for 2 months now .
    It has lost it's settings 3 times now .
    I have a big 3.6V memory battery connected .
    This problem occurred every time after large temperature changes , say from -20'c to a warm garage ...
    This is the reason i will change this module to the LS20031 that has worked fine for me ... at summer time anyway .
    Another problem is also related to cold , when i start my car in the morning ( -15'c ) the GPS displays too low speed readings ( about 10km/h too little ) before it slowly returns to true speed after my car warms up .
    Anyway a great GPS ( in the summer ... ) , sensitivity is very good .
    Only i wish it had 5V tolerant I/O and a built in memory battery ... or better yet a flash memory for the settings .
    I only use the RMC sentence at 4800bps @ 2Hz .

  • Ambrus / about 15 years ago / 1

    I'm having a pretty nasty problem with this receiver: I can't seem to get a decent satellite fix.
    Unfortunately I don't have an RS232->Uart cable so I can't run the Mini GPS software. Instead I'm receiving NMEA messages with a microcontroller. I receive fully parse-able messages at 5hz at the default 38400bps, and have no trouble extracting data (no parse failures, no missing/bad characters, no bad checksum errors).
    However, the receiver usually doesn't obtain a fix. I was able to get Lat/Long information ONCE (3 satellites) after standing in completely open skies for 5 straight minutes.
    Sometimes I can get just the time signal but no position fix after standing outside for several minutes.
    I can't get any kind of fix by an open window with a view of half of the sky.
    I've tried running the unit from my microcontroller power source 3.3V, as well as an external power source at 4.8V. There is no difference. Both the GPS and microcontroller share the same ground.
    Have I forgotten something glaring? Do I need to ground the case? Do I need to set some sort of settings on the unit via explicit commands? If so, how was I able to get a fix at all?
    Any help is much appreciated!

    • Ambrus / about 15 years ago / 1

      Update: I found a USB->UART converter from another project of mine, and the GPS works fantastically on 5v USB power! It was able to track 7 Satellites from indoors, a couple of meters away from any windows.
      I must be getting some sort of interference on the power supply of my dev board. Just wanted to set the record straight, it's not the GPS's fault :)

  • MattAttack / about 15 years ago / 1

    I ordered 455-1398-ND for housings and 455-1561-1-ND for female contacts. I have not been able to crimp them on yet. The crimps are soooo small and when I do get a wire attached I cannot get them into the housing. Good luck getting the wires attached and if you have any tips or tricks please post them.

  • JohnAbshier / about 15 years ago / 1

    I miscounted number of wires. It should be 8.
    housing: Digi-Key Part Number 455-1383-ND
    Manufacturer Part Number SHR-08V-S-B(P)
    Female connector
    Digi-Key Part Number 455-2195-1-ND
    Manufacturer Part Number SACH-003G-P0.2

  • JohnAbshier / about 15 years ago / 1

    Are these JST part the ones needed to make a cable for this GPS?
    Digi-Key Part Number 455-1397-ND
    Manufacturer Part Number SHR-07V-S
    Female connector
    Digi-Key Part Number 455-2195-1-ND
    Manufacturer Part Number SACH-003G-P0.2

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