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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

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Description: This is a kit that allows the PICAXE programmer to be easily connected to breadboard making prototyping with PICAXE microcontrollers even cheaper and faster.


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Customer Comments

  • the kit i received contained 2 female pinheaders instead of male. luckily i always keep a few male headers nearby so it wasnt a big deal.
    this breakout is very nice and the 2 rows of male pins give an extra bit of safety when programing. the jumper for selecting between 18 and 28/40 allows you to plug the adapter right on the picaxe serial pins. youl need to use a few jumpercables to connect the adapter with the other picaxes tough.
    when ordering this be sure to have a few male headers nearby just in case.

  • These are nearly essential if you want to program a picaxe on breadboard. They are cheap enough to not be worth your while to make something similar on your own.

    It’s very nice being able to plug this into a breadboard and quickly disconnect the programmer cable from the project if you need to move it to test it. Leave the product on the breadboard as it leaves a circuit every picaxe needs to run stable. Buy two if you’re going to mess around with communications…

    The first one I bought got the pins that go in the breadboard all bent up when I left it on my desk, my fault, I know. When I tried to replace them with new ones I ended up melting the soldering pads off of the board, probably my own inexperienced mistake again. Luckily I was able to solder wires in place of the paths on the board. I used my own headers on the second one I bought because the ones that come with it bend a bit easy it seemed like.

  • Mine came with all the correct parts. It was easy to assemble and configure. It can be made to work with any PicAxe chip, but for parts other than 18 and 28-pin chips, the extra jumper connections and breadboard space requirements make this product less useful than a home-built breakout programmer. For 18 and 28 pin parts, however, it would be a delight to use.

    According to the provided instructions which are also found here:

    …this breaboard adapter works with 18 pin, 28 pin and 40 pin PicAxe chips. However, according to the pinout diagrams at the address below, I don’t see how it’s possible that it works with any 40pin PicAxe:

    According to those pinouts, this product…

    Works with: 18X 18M 18M2 28X1 28X2

    Does not work with: 08M 08M2 / 08M2+ 14M 14M2 20M 20M2 20X2 40X1 40X2

    If anyone knows better, please correct me. I’m only working with 08M2 and 14M2 chips. Without a 40 pin PicAxe I can’t be certain. I’m just going by the pinout diagrams.

    • It looks like it works with the 8 as well. According to the doc: For 8 pin PICAXE chips either position may be used (breadboard wires are required between the adapter and the 8 pin chip).

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