Luxeon Aluminum Breakout

Luxeons get really toasty without proper heat sinking. This breakout board is a special aluminum PCB with isolated traces on the top layer. Designed to dissipate heat from the bottom of the Luxeon to the aluminum backing of the breakout board. For single and multiple LED arrangements. Works great for I and III watt Luxeon LEDs. You will need to attach this board to a larger sink for the V watt Luxeons.

Shown with a Luxeon III Royal Blue LED. We had to put a coffee cup over the LED while testing, it hurt our eyes so badly.

Customer Comments

  • A dimensional drawing wouldn’t hurt, but it looks like these follow the de facto standard of 19mm between centers of opposite notches.
    Likewise some information about the thermal characteristics is desirable. My nonscientific experience is that the back of the heatsink was too hot to touch comfortably with a 1W LED @ 350mA, strongly implying that the junction temperature was above the 90C that is required to get the 50khour lifetime on the Luxeon LED.
    I’m contemplating installation embedded in a wall (no chance of replacement), so lifetime (and therefore temperature) are very important to me.

  • can we get a clear pic of this thing with LEDs mounted to it but not turned on? I really have no idea how this is supposed to work, how many LEDs can be mounted to it, where the power goes etc ….

    • Use one breakout for one LED.
      The 3 pads on the “+” side are all connected, and the 3 pads on the “-” side are all connected. I assume you’re intended to solder the Luxeon’s legs to the smaller pads, and solder power to the larger pads. You can test this for yourself by using your meter in continuity-testing mode.
      Two pads for each of “+” and “-” are provided so that you can wire several modules in common-cathode or common-anode configuration.

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