Color Light Sensor - Avago ADJD-S371-Q999

Replacement:SEN-10656. This part is obsolete, we now carry the ADJD-S311-CR999. This page is for reference only.

We can't tell what metallic salmon looks like, but this very small sensor can! The ADJD-S371-QR999 is a 4 channel digital sensor with a mere size of 3.9 x 4.5 x 1.8 mm. 10-bit per channel resolution means the ADJD can discern the smallest differences between visible colors. This is an IC module with combination of white LED and CMOS IC with integrated RGB filters + Clear channel and analog-to-digital converter front end. It is ideal for applications like color detection, measurement, and illumination sensing. The 2-wire serial interface allows direct connection to a microcontroller or other logic control for further signal processing without additional component such as analog to digital converter. With the wide sensing range of 100 lux to 100,000 lux, the sensor can be used for many applications with different light levels by adjusting the gain setting.

  • 10 bit per channel resolution
  • Independent gain selection for each channel
  • Wide sensitivity: 0.1k - 100k lux
  • Two wire serial communication
  • Built in oscillator/selectable external clock
  • Low power mode (sleep mode)
  • Integrated solution with sensor, LED and separator in module for ease of design
  • 3.9x4.5x1.8mm


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  • Simpat / about 15 years ago / 2

    I see that we can't find this product on the Avago website. Is there some trouble with this product ??

  • saccade / about 14 years ago / 1

    Avago's documentation for this part, is, um, grim. Lots and lots of description of the serial protocol (which, probably for patent/trademark issues they never admit is simply standard I2C). But little documentation about the actual sensor. The datasheet at DigiKey is just slightly more informative.
    But nowhere do they say how big an "integration time slot is" it one tick of the internal clock of 27Mhz? Very little description of the "sensor offsets" either. It's a cool part, but a bit of a reverse engineering exercise.

  • EvilTwin / about 14 years ago / 1

    If I set this device up pointing at a blank white poster board, then pointed that new green laser at the posterboard, do you think I could make this thing detect when the laser is on the board, or off the board?

  • colorsensorguru / about 14 years ago / 1

    Kopplin Controls has yet another video about their new sensor:

  • JohnR / about 14 years ago / 1

    Just a guess, but it looks a lot like that described in
    US Patent 6798517 - Handheld, portable color measuring device with display

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