Active Matrix OLED 2.4" with Touchscreen

Replacement: None. The manufacturer has discontinued this item and it is no longer available. This page is for reference only.

The uOLED-320XX-P1T series are compact & cost effective all in one display modules using the latest state of the art Active Matrix OLED (AMOLED) technology with an embedded PICASO graphics controller that delivers stand-alone functionality to any project. The easy to learn and use 4D Graphics Language (4DGL) with its vast built in library functions will allow rapid application development.

4DGL is a graphics oriented language, allowing the developer to write applications in a high level language (syntax similar to popular languages such as BASIC, C, Pascal, etc.) and run it directly on the PICASO processor embedded in the uOLED-320XX-P1T modules.

4DGL allows the user to take complete control of all available resources on that hardware platform such as the Serial Port, Graphics AMOLED Display, uSD-Card, I/O pins, etc. This eliminates the need for an external host controller/processor to drive the uOLED-320XX-P1T modules via serial commands. It provides the user complete control over the hardware module allowing them to quickly develop powerful applications.

  • QVGA 240 x RGB x 320 pixel resolution with 256, 65K or 262K true to life colors enhanced AMOLED screen
  • No smearing effects and minimized static image burn-in
  • Near 180 degree viewing angle
  • Easy 5 pin interface (VCC, TX, RX, GND, RESET)
  • Voltage supply from 3.6V to 5.5V, current @ 60mA nominal when using a 5.0V supply source
  • Powered by the fully integrated PICASO-MD3
  • Onboard micro-SD (uSD) memory card adapter for storing of icons, images, animations, etc. (up to 2GB)
  • Built in 4DGL graphics library functions such as: LINE, CIRCLE, RECTANGLE, USER BITMAP, BACKGROUND COLOUR, PUT PIXEL, IMAGE, VIDEO, etc.
  • Audio amplifier with a tiny 8-Ohms speaker for sound generation and wave file playback.
  • 67.7 x5 9.54 x 11mm

Customer Comments

  • This is a great little OLED display.
    Unfortunately, the 32024-P1T (the one on this page) I just received seems to think it’s a 32028-P1T (the 2.8" touch version) and won’t let me program it correctly.
    Has anyone else run into similar problems with this display? It actually allows the device to program as a 32028-P1T, but it doesn’t work correctly (display is weird colors, uSD won’t load, etc).
    Seems to me like some improperly set fuses from when the firmware was burned in.

    • From the 4D Systems forum (the people who make the display):
      “Put the correct PmmC in it and all should be ok”

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