Servo Extension Cable - Female to Female (Shrouded)

This is a 12" servo extension cable. This comes in very handy when your servo is further away from the controller than the wire on the servo allows. Male connector on one end goes to controller, female connector mates with servo. Fits all Hitec, Futaba, JR, Multiplex, and Airtronics Z servos. Wire can also be used as a simple 0.1" jumper cable.

Note: These wires have a weird naming convention. Both ends of this wire have what, in most cases, should be called a female connector; but, for these wires, the presence (or lack thereof) of the plastic shroud is what makes an end female or male. If you're looking to plug one end of these wires into a breadboard, you could stick our breakaway male headers into the un-shrouded end to make it a true male connector.

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  • Quazar / about 7 years ago / 1

    With the updated description, I knew exactly what I was getting, and am very happy with what I got. These are perfect for adapting VEX robotics sensors and motors to non-VEX controllers.

    Regarding wire thickness, I'm happy with the heavier wire, since it can pass decent current and is mechanically stronger than tiny wires - though the description should say what the wire gauge is. I agree they might be a bit heavy for RC applications where every gram matters.

  • MrTidy / about 15 years ago / 4

    This is not an extension cable. The shroud physically holds the servo header and jumper header together but there are no pins with it to make the electrical connection. I'm annoyed at myself for buying this considering the picture above.

  • starfish / about 14 years ago / 2

    Agreed with MrTidy. Do not buy this thinking you can extend a servo cable.

  • Undertow10 / about 14 years ago / 2

    The picture also doesn't show the fact that the wire is a much heavier gauge than shown, and also way stiffer. Pretty disappointed.

  • Member #584545 / about 10 years ago / 1

    We use these for our RC receiver to servo extensions. The end with the shroud is the male end. This end has the servo wire plugged into it to lengthen it. The other smaller/unshrouded end (female) plugs into the receiver which has male pins. So rename this to Servo Extension Cable - Female to Male (shrouded)

  • Another fact, the cable is very thick and it is not suitable for a robotic or RC project. I'm stuck with 16 cables that I cant use :(

  • The title of this product should be changed to Female-to-Female with plastic shroud !! I bought it thinking that it is male to female.

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