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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale. This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious.

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Description: Replacement: None. There is no direct replacement for this product. This page is for reference only.

Check the customer comments below. We aren’t Apple developers and we don’t want to be. Apparently this can only be used with older Apple products and even then is a bit of a pain to get working. With all the firmware (and hardware) changes, we couldn’t keep up. There are still good parts on here, but we can’t guarantee it will work with Apple products. Use it as a crude letter opener, mic for another project, or get rid of that extra money that’s doing you no good.

This is a breakout board for our electret microphone with a supporting amplifier attached to an iPod connector. The output of the amp is wired to the audio input pin of an iPod. This microphone could be used with a custom application on the iPod Touch, allowing the user to add a microphone to their iTouch.

The output of the amplifier is a 400mV peak-to-peak wave which is the standard voltage level for line-in audio.

Documents: Microphone iTouch Schematic

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Customer Comments

  • This product is a sham. So is the shipping and over priced delivery. I would not buy another product from these people. caveot emptor - let the buyer beware.
    These products do not work.

    • you know, this is basically a hobbyist development shop. might want to read all the previous reviews first before buying as very few of their products were meant to be used right away. learn and develop, i say.

  • It doesn’t work on iPod Touch 2G (3.0 OS).

    So I tried to jailbreak it : imic doesn’t work either.

    Ce micro ne fonctionne pas sur un iPod Touch 2G (OS 3.0), m?me en le jailbreakant.

  • I think the description should be clear - this does not work with the Ipod Touch 2G and OS 2.2.1 - apparently the 2.2 software turns off the audio mixer, keeping the docking connector audio inputs from working.
    If I’m wrong, let me know - I couldn’t find an application for the 2G Ipod Touch that mentions the audio inputs on the docking connector. I assume there could be a hack to overcome this, particularly on a jailbroken 2G.

    • …I’d like to add that it doesn’t work with the 3.0 software upgrade on a 2G Ipod Touch, either.

  • Does NOT work with v2 iPod Touch.

  • will someone post eagle files for this pcb

  • can this work with a ipad

    • No, this will not work with the iPad.
      But… The iPad has a built-in microphone. You shouldn’t need this device anyway.

  • The support of the “Line In” of the dock connector (pins 5 & 5) has been removed from the OS in version 2.0 because of the addition of the Line In on the 3.5mm jack. And from the words of an Apple representative, during a conference on the iPhone/iTouch Program Developpement, given at University of Ottawa, Apple just don’t care about supporting old material : ie: the SDK isn’t working any non-Intel Mac.
    This is not SparkFun’s fault at all, but be aware that the last firmware this product will work with is 1.1.4.
    And in the event i’m wrong and someone actually make it work on any newer firmware (I’m using 3.1.2 right now), I’ll be really happy to know, that’ll be 15$ less thrown away.

  • Apparently adding a mic to the iPod Touch is a very iffy proposition. If you look at the microphone adapters that are offered at, they all get lots of complaints. It’s rumored that the iPod Touch can detect a non-Apple produced earphone/mic.
    i-luv has recently announced a mic adapter that has been blessed by Apple, but they don’t seem to have any on hand. I’ve been looking for a microphone adapter for months so that I can use Skype with my iPod Touch.

  • Why doesn’t this work with the iPhone OS 3.0? Does it require a special circuit or IC to work on the new OS 3.0?

    • this product: would suggest that it is possible to get this to work. I think the problem is most apps are looking for the mic input as source and this thing connects a mic to the line level input ( i hope it boosts the mic output to the right level )

      • I did some more research, and I dont think this can ever work for a non-jailbreaked itouch. In order to use the connector, you have to speak some kind of protocol over the serial lines I think, and the only way you get this info is to join a certified hardware dev thing that apple does which is NOT for experimenters/tinkerers.

  • I’ve read that this works with firmware 1.x and requires a jailbroken iPod touch.
    Is this true?
    If not then can I used it with my firmware v.2.2 non-jailbroke iPod touch?

  • it works on my ipod/t 1.1.4 with siphon and vnotes

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