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TQFP80 Breakout Board 0.5mm Pitch

Replacement: None. We are no longer carrying this board. This page is for reference only.

This breakout board allows for standard surface mount, SMD and SMT, TQFP 80 pin packages with 20mil (0.5mm) spacing between pads. The PCB uses a double copper layer plated through-hole surface mount design. The circular outline gives the user identical chance to access the board in any direction. Also, double 80 pin footprints on both sides giving user the second chances to use the board. These work great with our protoboards.

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  • 80 pin, 20mil (0.5mm) spacing.
  • 2 inch diameter (50.8mm).
  • Three 4-40 standard screw holes for fixing board position.


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  • I second the request from anderson12 for a rectangular version at 0.5mm pitch. Something like the OM-TSOP-2 from Saelig.com would be great if it was smaller & cheaper.

  • I dont suppose theres a TQFP 64 somewheres? i like the round design for easy stacking and access, but 80 pins is more than i need.

  • I wish something like this was available for rectangular packages (instead of square). My real need for breakout boards is for connectors that are supposed to be boardmount which I need to cable. 0.5 mm pitch is just too small to do wires directly to the connector (and have it not break at a whisper). It would be awesome if this came for rectangular packages. Right now I am using OM-TSOP-2 from this site: http://www.saelig.com/category/EMSMD.htm but really, it is too big.
    I'm sure sparkfun could make it better anyway, right? :)
    That aside...breakout boards for these tiny surface mount pins are fantastic because sometimes you just need to use them but don't have time/resources to make an entire card.

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