Mini Button Pad Set - Red

Replacement: None. We do not have a direct replacement, but are looking for one. This page is for reference only.

This is a button pad set that is designed to mount in a project enclosure. Comes with a red button pad and bezel.

The silicon rubber buttons have small conductive pads on the back side of the button to allow for shorting traces on a PCB - like the button mechanism inside a TV remote. Each button has a small 3mm hole for smaller 3mm LEDs. Red LEDs show best through these red buttons.

The button pad and bezel can be separated into 3 separate button segments or used as is. Each button configuration has 4 mounting holes located in each corner for sturdy mounting in any enclosure.

This set does not include a PCB, but example designs are available below.

  • Height - 0.3", diameter of one button - 0.48"


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  • I would love to hear when you are able to get these back in stock?

    • We still have not found a suitable replacement. But I can tell you that we will never carry this exact product ever again, it is retired for good.

  • can anyone tell me the height of the button part? i need to mount these from the back side but i need to know if they will clear my enclosure.
    about how much press is needed to make contact?

  • This is a wonderful product that I am very happy with. Thanks SparkFun!

  • Does anyone know if these can be blind-mounted from the back? i.e. I'd like to mount this in an enclosure with no screw holes showing on the front, only the buttons.

    • I just got mine, and it looks like I can blind-mount it if I epoxy the front plate to my enclosure behind some 1/2 inch holes. Then I'll use some short self-tapping screws (maybe a #4, 1/4" long) that only go into the black front plate of the button assembly. The trick is keeping the screws short enough that they don't pop out the front of the enclosure.
      One problem is that the mounting holes are much too close to the switch terminals. Anything other than a TINY screw head might touch the pcb traces for the switch.

  • Very nice!
    I particularly like the fact that it can be mounted using only round holes (the easiest kind to make!). It would be helpful if you added dimensions to the drawings in the "Enclosure mounting instructions" pdf.
    Having it 1:1 scale is a nice touch, but dimensions would be useful too.
    - Dean

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